Extension PCB board EXTC ( Eurocard to rack ) 2x 37 pin

Producer : MRK s.r.o.

Type : EXTC1 ( extension card ), EXTC2 ( interface for connect original card ), connection wires

Parameters : 189 x 114 mm, connection wires 600 mm

The extension board is used to assist in fault finding on rack mounted control systems that use a euro format card swap system.

The original card is simply pulled out of the rack and connected to the EXTC2. EXTC1 is inserted into the rack. Thus, the technician can have the original card attached outside the rack and can perform measurements and repairs on it. For measurement purposes, measurement points for all transmitted signals are brought out and marked on the EXTC2.

The interconnecting wires also contain parallel connectors when connecting a second EXTC2 board and thus for connecting another card. 2 original cards can be connected to one extension system.

The board is supplied without a cutout for the “key” ( in the pictures pin 5 = key is cut out ). If you require a cutout, please specify the pin number it should be on in your order.

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