MRK-16K airbag tester with adjustable current source

Precision 16-channel measuring instrument designed to measure and test the resistance of airbag modules to specification. VW 80152.

The instrument have each channel galvanically isolated. It can measure resistance from a range of 0 – 6 ohm with an adjustable test current of 5 – 100 mA. The test and measurement mode can be with a continuous current waveform or with a cyclic waveform.

During the test run, the measured value are monitored and evaluated. If the limits are excideed, a fault is recorded and the corresponding channel is switched off. Before the test, a safety check of the connected airbags can be initiated with a minimum current.

The instrument comunnicates via ethernet with the control software. This allows the test run to be defined independently for each channel, and each channel to be individually activated. In the software, identification numbers can be assigned to the measured airbags and the measured values of the specific airbag can be retrieved. The values can be further exported to the CSV file and processed e.g. in MS Excel.

The instrument includes calibration resistor for each channel checking and possible input calibration.

Technical parameters

  • Power  : 230 V AC
  • 16 galvanically isolated channels
  • Continual test current : 5 – 100 mA ( +- 0.1 mA )
  • Adjustable period of cyclic test current : 1 – msek
  • Communication : ethernet
  • Controlling : manual on the instrument, remote by controlling software
  • Operating temperature range : 0 ° – 50 °C
  • Environment : basic
  • Dust : max. 5mg/m2 non-conductive non-flammable and non-explosive dust
  • Relative humidity : max 80% at 25 °C
  • Chemical interference : non-agressive environment
  • Storage and transport conditions :
    • Temperature : -25 °C at 55 °C
    • Humidity : 80%